Here it is: Everything you ever wanted to know about Cosmetic Connection

Who: We are a bunch of beauty-crazed gals just like you and everyone you know. Oh my gosh, did I just say "gals"?

What: We just love to tell everyone we know about all the cool products we find. If or b-glowing is like your second home, you'll fit right in here. Come hang out and see what we're talking about.

When: We've been chatting online (and in magazines, newspapers, and TV, too) about beauty since 1996.

Where: Portland, Oregon

Why: If you have to ask...

And let's not forget: Sponsorship partners and PR firms, please direct questions and releases to Thanks. We make no promises for reviews of unsolicited product.

Please be advised that WE ARE NOT A STORE and therefore we DO NOT provide information about where to buy products. Please Google the brands you are looking to buy to find where you can get them. Thanks.

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