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report by Bobbi of the Cosmetic Connection Product Panel

I saw this product advertised in a magazine, and it sounded like one I should try with my sensitive skin. The web site (Shikai.com) tells the story of the products. Shikai was developed twenty years ago by Dr. Dennis T. Sepp, a PhD in organic chemistry, when he was conducting research at the University of Minnesota. During this research he became interested in hair and skin care and particularly the capabilities of the powdered fruit of the shikai plant. As explained in the brochure (which you can order), this fruit has been used for centuries as a natural, low pH "shampoo" for the hair. It was valued for its ability to leave hair exceptionally shiny without stripping away the oils. "Shikai" extract became the basis for the first line of shampoos and the name of the company.

The line has now expanded to include other hair care products, hand and body lotions, moisturizing bath and shower gels and a new line of Dermaceutical Formulations. This newest line is an "anti-aging" facial care system.

Moisturizing Shower and Bath Gel ($6.49 for 12oz)
I was particularly interested in the shower gel since my skin is very sensitive to strong soaps and gels. Many of these products are too harsh for my skin and they dry it out, and I itch (especially during the winter). Since the promotional literature promised that "these are not your typical shower gel", I found a local store (our local health food store) and zoomed right over to purchase them.

Shikai's formulations contain pure colloidal oatmeal, which soothes the skin (the web site lists all of the ingredients). There are 5 fragrances to from which to choose. I stood there forever deciding which one, because they ALL smell fabulous! The fragrances: French Vanilla, Yuzu (Japanese Citrus), White Gardenia, Apricot/Rose, Cucumber/Melon, Lavender/Mint. I first chose the Apricot/Rose, and since then have also tried the White Gardenia.

These gels are absolutely the best I have ever tried for my skin. Within a week, my skin had settled down and was soft and smooth. It lathers easily, but not too much and washes off quickly. Did I say it smells so wonderful? They also last a long time, and are very reasonable in price.

All Natural Hand & Body Lotions
I follow up my shower with their hand and body lotion, which is formulated to give the skin extra moisture. With this product they blend aloe vera, wheatgerm and vitamin E into a base of all-natural moisturizers. Again, the ingredients are all listed on the web site.

This lotion does absorb quickly and it is not greasy. It leaves a nice soft feel to the skin. I am used to a heavier cream. One of my all time favorite lotions has been Keri, so you know I like a heavy lotion. After I got used to this lighter feel, I really liked it and it did soften my skin, smell oh so wonderful, and stayed with me for several hours. I do find that in winter I have to reapply at night before I go to bed. Only problem, where is the sunscreen?

There are seven fragrances to choose from for the lotion: French Vanilla, Apricot/Rose, Cucumber/Melon, Yuzu, White Gardenia, Sandalwood & Amber, and Lavender. I choose the lotion fragrances to match the gels. The lotions come in an 8 oz size for $5.45 and also a gallon size for $40.00.

I am very pleased with these products and will definitely continue to use the shower gel on a fulltime basis. I also hope to try the rest of the products, especially the anti-aging line of skin care.

You can find ShiKai products online at shikai.com as well as at natural food stores.

review: 6/01



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